Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) is not a new concept. First started by the Rio Grande Railroad in the 1940s to prevent damage to their locomotives from head gasket leaks, this form of maintenance has spread throughout many industries around the world.

There are five typical types of maintenance programs in use today:

  1. Regressive Maintenance – Artificial budgets; no plan; no fixes; defensive work style; asset health low
  2. Reactive Maintenance – Fix after breaks; heroes of overtime; high costs; some long term planning; work style burned out; critical asset health marginally good
  3. Planned Maintenance – Few surprises; competitive parity; productive and busy work style; stable asset health
  4. Precision Maintenance – Competitive advantage; failure avoidance; lower costs; energized work style; improving asset health
  5. Strategic Maintenance – Best in class processes; differentiate from competition; lowest costs; highest reliability; inspired work style; asset health at or above industry maximums – planned preventative maintenance!

CBM has the ability to transform your organization’s maintenance performance from regressive to strategic. We can change your company’s maintenance efforts from an expensive liability to a positive asset by reducing your facility’s downtime and unexpected expenses. Employee job satisfaction improves, as well, as the company moves from a reactive, overtime dependent system, to an organized, proactive maintenance paradigm.

Through our certified partners, CMC Industrial Electronics can provide complete CBM solutions. Our packages include a full array of field sensor networks, data warehousing and fault capture, analysis and reporting systems.

Contact CMC now for more information on our Intrinsically Safe, fully integrated condition based maintenance solutions and get on the road to strategic, planned preventative maintenance.