Grain bin temperature monitoring is a key part grain elevator operation.  Long cables hang down into the grain bins and provide feedback to the operator on the grain temperature within each bin.  Legacy grain bin monitoring systems have traditionally used older analog thermocouple cables and can be slow as far as scanning each cable to detect hot spots in the grain.  Newer grain bin monitoring systems are switching to digital cables for their ruggedness and accuracy and CMC offers the gateway for grain storage facilities looking to combine both the older thermocouple cables and the new digital cables or either one of those technologies as a standalone.

CMC’s grain bin temperature monitoring devices have the capability to measure up to 168 thermocouples and an update rate of 8.5 minutes for all 168.  It provides the operator with valuable feedback in a timely manner and when used with an mBC083 Bus Converter as part of CMC’s single wire bus, the unit is intrinsically safe.