Grain dust is highly combustible when suspended in the air and mixes with oxygen and an ignition source. A misaligned belt, an over-heated bearing, or a slipping or slowing belt can be the source of a spark or ignition. This is a real threat to grain elevator safety and can cause an explosion and fire that threatens human life and property.

OSHA mandate number 1019.272, states that grain elevators storing more than 1 million bushels of specific grains must have bearing temperature, belt misalignment sensing, and shaft speed slow-down detection on “indoor” bucket elevators. This is commonly known in the grain industry as Hazard Monitoring.

CMC manufactures the grain industry’s leading Hazard Monitoring Systems, certified Intrinsically Safe for Class I, Group C & D, Divisions 1 & 2 and Class II, Group E, F & G, Divisions 1 & 2. These fully integrated, digital bucket elevator monitoring systems are designed to function in the harsh and dusty environment that is a grain elevator and to provide early warning and machinery shutdown to prevent a catastrophe. CMC manufactures a collection of sensors to monitor key points on the various machines found in a grain elevator—shaft speed, bearing temperature, belt alignment. These sensors are interconnected in a digital network that provides real-time feedback enabling operators to make timely decisions affecting everything from plant safety to machine efficiency and operational productivity.

In addition to bucket elevator monitoring, CMC’s Digital Hazard Monitoring Systems are ideal for belt conveyors, drag conveyors, and screw conveyors, as well as a range of other industrial machinery found in a grain, feed, or milling facility.

CMC is different than most other Hazard Monitoring System manufacturers—we will visit your site and do a thorough walk-through of your machinery making sure that you understand which points need to be monitored and assisting with your understanding of the OSHA requirements. We also work closely with a network of seasoned integrators and electrical contractors with vast grain industry experience. These CMC partners are trained in how to specify, integrate, install, and support CMC HazMon Systems. CMC will also provide training to your preferred installer if needed as well as training your operators on how to get the best from our industry-leading grain elevator safety systems. In short…CMC will listen to your needs and help get you on the Road to HazMon Safety!