Milling is a continuous process in which productivity and profitability is heavily dependent on reliable machines operating at very high levels of efficiency day after day.  CMC’s innovative Millguard Pro™ rollstand monitoring system is designed for the harsh environment that is a flour mill and helps operators monitor their machines and guard against common milling machine hazards such as hot bearings or overheating rolls. These conditions, if left unchecked can lead to process downtime, machine damage, and dangerous working conditions. Millguard Pro™ provides an integrated system that offers the operator real time feedback from bearing and roll face sensors via an intuitive touch screen where fault condition alarms and machine control can be programmed and monitored.

The Millguard Pro™ system is designed to be simple to install and to maintain as well as providing the user with the optimum level of usability. The system is Intrinsically Safe and is purpose designed to operate in harsh, Class II, Div. 1 environments full of milling machine hazards.

System components are sold in CMC’s innovative HazMon in a Box Kits designed to make specifying, purchasing, storage, and installation as straightforward as possible. A typical system for monitoring 1 rollstand would consist of 8 bearing probes and 4 IR sensors to monitor the roll face.