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mAC185-MB Actuator Controller DIN Mount

Part Number: mAC185-MB

mAC185-MB Actuator Controller DIN Mount

The mAC185-MB is an application specific DIN actuator controller, designed to position any device that uses discrete open/close signals and rotary or linear feedback. Typical devices include slide gates and rotary valves. Feedback may be via a potentiometer or a quadrature optical encoder. Controller outputs can drive relays, electric motors or solenoids. An RS485 communication network allows up to 100 devices on a single channel. The mAC185-MB is powered by 24VDC and provides four supervisory inputs, configurable as limit switches or force open/close signals. Automatic calibration is provided which requires no loop tuning. All operating parameters can be set from the communication network.

Typical applications for the mAC185-MB is for blending of bulk materials using conventional slide gates, liquid flow control using standard solenoid driven valves, or level control for maintaining process supply

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Industry Leading Process Control Actuator Components from CMC!

  • Pluggable terminal strips for easy field installation
  • DIN-rail mounting for easy installation
  • High resolution position input for up to 0.1% accuracy
  • Simple 4-wire communication network includes supervisory power
  • Automatic calibration using local push button or remote command
  • Robust communication, up to 500m (1640’) cable length
  • Low power consumption; does not require ventilation
  • Electronic overload protection with built-in current monitoring