• mP146 in rugged XP housing
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mGP146 Gate Positioner

Part Number: mGP146

mGP146 Actuator Controller Modbus RS-485 RTU Protocol

The mGP146 is an actuator position monitor and controller designed for use in harsh industrial environments such as the grain industry.

The mGP146 actuator controller is designed for use with a broad range of actuators. The controller can position any device with either a rotary or linear movement that can be monitored using a rotating shaft and is controlled with a simple open and close mechanism. Electric, hydraulic and pneumatic actuators are supported.

Typical applications include use as a slide gate position monitor and rotary valve position monitor. Feedback is provided by an internal magnetic encoder. Controller outputs can drive relays, electric motors or solenoids.

The mGP146 slide gate monitor is powered by 24VDC and provides four configurable inputs. Automatic calibration is provided which requires no loop tuning. All operating parameters can be set from the communications network.

The mGP146 is designed for mounting in hazardous area locations in an enclosure certified for use in a Class II, Group G, Division 1 or 2 environments. It is also suitable for general use either indoors or outdoors. It is designed to directly operate hydraulic solenoids or control electric motors with external motor starters.

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  • Accurate slide gate position monitornig with position jogging and self-learning capability
  • Versatile controller works with wide range of actuators
  • Housed in rugged, industrial-duty explosion proof enclosure