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mTB003 Profibus Terminal Kit

Part Number: mTB003

mTB003 Profibus Terminal Kit

The mTB003 is a purpose built Field Wiring Interconnect assembly for the CMC Industrial Electronics Profibus actuator controllers. The unit provides reliable field connections for up to two Profibus cables.

The unit connects directly to the terminal strip on the actuator controller. Cable clamps and a grounding assembly are also included.

In addition to the termination functions the assembly provides a means of servicing the Profibus network without disconnecting any cables. Two switches are provided. The first allows the network to be ended and terminated at this assembly. The second allows the connected controller to be isolated from the network. Using these switches, the network can be commissioned or serviced in an orderly manner, with all field wiring left undisturbed.

The assembly can be disconnected from the controller without interrupting the remaining network. This allows the network to remain intact, without disturbing cable connections should a controller need to be removed for service or repair.

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