EZSentinel Controllers

  • 128-HM-GM
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CMC manufactures 4 controllers, the EZS128, WS2-HM, WS1, and the WS2-GM

The EZSentinel 128 is designed for small to medium-sized facilities where a standalone system and controller are needed. This controller combines a PLC and touchscreen with intuitive machine graphics and the ability to monitor and control up to 15 machines.

The WS2-HM is the next generation of HazMon controllers from CMC.  Intuitive machine graphics and up to 256 sensor inputs for seamless integration into the plant PLC for control functions.

The WS1 Webserver is designed for larger facilities or where integration into the existing plant automation system is preferred. The Webserver can accept up to 256 sensor inputs and map these sensors to the plant PLC for control functions.

The WS2-GM is the brain in The Grain Ranger™ grain management system.  Capable of reading up to 1024 cables in up to 256 bins. DIN rail mountable for easy installation.

  • Standalone or integrate into your existing plant automation system
  • EZS128 operator interface, PLC combination – Ideal for small to medium facilities
  • WS2-HM - next generation HazMon for medium to large facilities 
  • WS1 Webserver operator interface – Ideal for large facilities
  • WS2-GM - Communicates with most commercially available grain temperature cables
  • Monitor Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Drags, Trippers, Fans, Blowers, and More