HazMon-In-A-Box™ Kits

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HazMon-In-A-Box kits take the hassle out of HazMon.  Each kit contains all the sensors and hardware needed for hazard monitoring on an industrial machine such as a bucket elevator, belt conveyor, or drag conveyor. All kits come with the correct number of intrinsically safe sensors and mounting hardware required for a quick, safe, and consistent installation site after site.

HazMon-In-A-Box kits make it simple to order, store, and install CMC’s intrinsically safe systems. Everything is included in the box and there are no loose parts thus minimizing the opportunity for lost or misplaced parts on a job site.

  • Reduces cost and speeds up installation time
  • Minimizes delays due to incorrect or missing parts
  • Simplifies ordering and storage of parts
  • Consistent, efficient installations site after site
  • All the parts you need for a hassle-free installation

Take the Hassle out of Machine Monitoring with HazMon-In-A-Box-Kits!