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HMC014 HazMon Spare Parts Kit

Part Number: HMC014

HMC014 - HazMon-In-A-Box Kit Spare Parts Kit

This kit contains everything you need for basic repairs and maintenance.

What's included:

Quantity Part Number Part Description
2 mTS012-4 4" SS tube bearing temperature sensor
2 mTS015 Threaded brass rub block sensor
2 11244 Brass rub block - 4" wide x 2" high x 0.5" thick
1 mRS001 Shaft rotation sensor
1 11452 RS485 tester
5 15240-Latch FIB terminal box latch
2 T68-4A 1/8" Brass compression fitting
2 112-A 1/8" Brass nipple
2 1/4WN-SS 1/4" Wingnut for hinged rub bracket

Put The HMC014 Spare Parts Kit on Your Shelf and Take the Hassle Out of Maintenance!