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mTS011-3/8 Intrinsically Safe Temperature Sensor Lug Style

Part Number: mTS011-3/8

mTS011-3/8 Intrinsically Safe Temperature Sensor - Lug Style

The mTS011 is a solid state digital single wire temperature sensor in a rugged lug style mount for use in harsh industrial environments. The sensor is accurate to 0.5°C over the –10°C to +85°C (14°F to 185°F) temperature range. It is usable from –67°F to +257°F (-55°C to +125°C).

The lug sensor is designed to connect to the mBC081 or mBC082 Bus Converter. Used with the mBC081 Bus Converter, the sensor is rated as intrinsically safe. The temperature sensor uses a single wire data communications bus. Up to 32 sensors can be connected in parallel to a single Bus Converter. The sensor bus has a fully specified cabling system complete with terminal assembles and uses low cost CAT5 cabling and punch down blocks for easy termination.

Straightforward to install in the field with no calibration required. Typically a lug sensor would be used on bearings, gearboxes, motors, and fans as part of a condition-based machine temperature monitoring system or where a tube style temperature sensor cannot be used.

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