Rollstand Monitoring System

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Industry leading digital technology from CMC is now being utilized to improve the safety and efficiency of the flour milling process.  CMC developed the Millguard Pro™ in response to requests from leading flour milling companies for a cost-effective solution to monitor the various models of rollstands found in most flour mills.  Millguard Pro monitors the bearings and roll faces and protects against overheating and machine damage.

  • Intrinsically Safe (IS) system designed for Class 2, Div. 1 environments found in the milling industry
  • Installation and maintenance can be performed by plant operators – lower cost of ownership
  • System sensors designed to accommodate frequent roll stand maintenance needs
  • Stand alone or full integration with existing plant automation system
  • Real time feedback and monitoring of roll stand bearings and roll faces
  • Immediate alarm and shutdown in the event of a fault condition
  • Sensor data can be used to improve long term mill efficiency and safety
  • Significantly reduces costly process downtime and product waste